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Carrying Case with stand Steam Deck

24 stycznia 2023 by srsly

Steam Deck Carrying Case Insert With Stand (EU Plug + MicroSD) by DaveAEP

Remix from: https://www.printables.com/model/202185-steam-deck-carrying-case-insert I liked the remix from ANBAL534 ( https://www.printables.com/model/207028-steam-deck-carrying-case-insert-for-eu-plugs-europ and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5387039) but missed the option to use the case as a stand as well. Besides that I don’t use full SD cards, I opted in adding space to store microSD cards.

Steam Deck tylna obudowa

14 stycznia 2023 by srsly

Steam Deck: Access Deck As A Drive Letter on Windows (SSH+SSHFS)

1 stycznia 2023 by srsly

Steam Deck: Access Deck As A Drive Letter on Windows (SSH+SSHFS)

Access your Deck’s storage using whatever file manager or tools you want ON AND FROM Windows. In a few minutes, you can copy roms, access compatdata, backup/restore save files and more without ever leaving the comfort of Windows.

wiedzmin hud

28 grudnia 2022 by srsly

[Guide] How to get properly sized HUD in Witcher 3 on Deck

As you all may have seen by now, the UI in Witcher 3 is small, even when you change the HUD size to “Large” in the settings. Thankfully, with some tweaking, this mod fixes that perfectly, and the experience is so much better in handheld mode imo.

40hz Monitor

19 listopada 2022 by srsly

The perfect external gaming Monitor for Steam Deck

Hey! After testing a bunch of Monitors (Samsung Odysseys, Viewsonic) I finally found a Monitor that suits all my needs. – 1080p – very good price / perf ratio (i bought it from amazon for 185€ a week ago) – (decent) built in speakers – HDR (only HDR400 though) – THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOR ME: IT SUPPORTS 40Hz mode No Errors (out of Range) like other Monitors…